They think they’ve found us.

Shermon, clearly in kahootz with Neil Erikson (the main man behind NRG) has claimed to have found us. 

Much like how they said they’ve found Andy Fleming (which is funny because a few days ago, apparently we were one in the same), again we are seeing an innocent person scapegoated for something they have not done.

This is more concerning than funny, though. We have seen how those on that side seemingly offer bounties for those who can find and harm individuals who speak against their Neo Nazi Agendas.

We would like any of our members to seek out this profile and warn this person. 

For the purposes of gathering evidence, please direct them to this post, so they can show the authorities who is behind this scapegoating.

This has gone on far enough, whoever is ‘hacking’ for these people is again taking them for a ride, and the most unfortunate thing is that these people they keep ‘identifying’ will be subjected to the degenerates on their pages.

If the authorities wish to speak to us about this, we welcome this, and can be contacted via the comments on Facebook, where alternative communication can be arranged. 

Persons of interest to authorities:

Neil Luke Erikson of Heidelberg West VIC

Shermon Burgess (The Great Aussie Patriot) of Cooma NSW. 


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