Who’s been doxxed?

It looks like Shermon has been doxxed, or at least we initially thought.

We’ve received information from DeathSec (hacktivists) of what we believe to be the registrar information about The GAPs website.

The information initially seems to be Shermon’s, but we have reason to believe otherwise, and something a little more sinister.

The first thing we noticed is that Shermon’s Middle name appears as ‘Rose’. We know this to be untrue as we’ve revealed his ABN in the past where his name is spelled ‘Ross’. An individual would not be so careless as to let a little mistake like that slide if it were their own name (reason 1 we don’t believe this dox is entirely him).

The second thing is we all know Shermon is a tip manager for the Cooma Shire Council, yet this address exposed shows Heidelberg Heights in VIC.

The third reason is the email address listed is that of James Gilhome.

So, who is it? We believe it to be three people.

1. The registrant is Shermon Burgess, as it’s his website.

2. The address we believe to be of Neil Erikson, head of the NRG, due to the fact he lived in West Heidelberg, last confirmed a few months ago. He also produces the videos for Shermon.

3. The registrar email address is James Gilhome, as he is the self confessed administrator of the website.

The above information makes far more sense, as all 3 have a part to play in ‘The GAP’, but the above information surely alludes to the fact that Shermon is directly associated under his stage-name with Erikson, convicted racist antisemite.

How very Australian of you, Shermon.


3 thoughts on “Who’s been doxxed?

  1. DeathSec says:

    Oh our bad, sorry it was rushed at the time. See with no communication we had no proof of existence.
    But we do wish to see more like this, hit our email up and we’ll do our best to help.


  2. DeathSec says:

    Btw, if there is anyway to contact reclaimwhat, we could be able to help improve our dox on Gilhome and Erikson. Before releasing it that is.


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