Nathan Abela crawls out of his hole.

Notorious liar and xenophobe Nathan Abela has been given yet another platform, this time by our mate Shermon Burgess, via ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’.

Shermon has uploaded a video to YouTube showing a video (which we’re sure he will remove as he does with all that don’t reek of a glowing endorsement from his followers) of Nathan Abela talking about what the ‘Reclaim Australia Rallies are about!’.

Any law abiding citizen should take exception to anything this man says.

He has a long history of detractors. On April 3 2014, his mother’s Western Sydney home where he resided was peppered with bullets. He was quick to jump onto YouTube to tell his ADL followers (of which he was the Sydney ‘president’ at the time) that he was ok, and that he couldn’t be silenced.

Police initially called the attack targeted as Nathan was well known to be an extreme anti-Islamist, known in the area for handing out controversial pamphlets and even harassing people outside an Islamic school for having a ‘F*cking Fort Knox with a Mosque’ in a Syndey suburb.

The night he was allegedly shot at, Abela mentions how he heard a knock at the door, answered his name, and then ‘commando rolled’ away from the onslaught of bullets. We find this story, much like the police, to be questionable – there was no crater found where he had supposedly landed. I joke, I joke.

A week prior, he had an argument on radio with 2GB host Ray Hadley about a personal conversation he recorded and posted on YouTube between himself and Hadley’s personal assistant. Ray described him as a ‘liar’ and a ‘grub’.

The day after the shooting, Hadley was quick to denounce the actions of the ‘shooters’ for fear of the innocent persons inside the house:

To the people that shot up his joint – for God’s sake, I mean, you could have killed his mother or his sister who were innocent bystanders,” Hadley said on air.”

2 weeks later, rumours started to circle about his involvement in the attack on his home, and although police would not admit they believe he had orchestrated the attack, he was charged with perverting the course of justice when he refused to hand found bullet cases over to the police.

It is understood charges were later dropped in court due to lack of evidence, thanks to his perversion of justice.

These days, Nathan spends his time uploading pro-Roman Catholic media to his facebook followers whilst still adding in a dash of anti-Islamic material. He resigned in protest from the ADL in early April 2014 after a fight with other presidents after he was banned from uploading media to their accounts. He claims he couldn’t possibly be a Neo Nazi as Maltese people fought The Axis in The Seige of Malta during the 1940s. If this were true, then we should not find any Neo Nazis or White Supremacists in Britain (being part of the Allies too) which we know is false.

For Shermon to use his video as the values of a true Australian, has again shot his credibility.

How can someone who claims to be for ‘Reclaiming Australia’ use a video outlining such, spoken by a man who has no respect for our laws, and almost certainly tried to frame Muslims for shooting his home when he was likely responsible?

The foot-in-mouth continues…


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