“WE WILL UNITE ON APRIL 4!” “except me…”

So, key promoter and self proclaimed ‘Reclaim Australia Organiser’ Shermon Burgess has been outed by Natasha Mosman,  longtime friend and administrator of ‘Team Australia’.

Natasha posted what she believed was in confidence with James Gilhome, a left-turned-right Shermon peddler.

Natasha explains (dated 16 March 2015) in the attached image that she is aware Shermon isn’t going to attend the RAR for fear of safety.

For a man who claims to be a ‘true patriot’ and allows violent sentiment to proliferate on his website, the latest revelation may cause se followers to question his integrity.

Natasha also makes a quick mention and admission of the Neo-Nazi sects who have been growing in the background, stating she knows they’re coming to the rally and that “it just can’t be avoided.”

We would suggest maybe distancing yourself from their hateful views. Perhaps try that first, or would that anger NRG?

The cracks grow…


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