‘Eureka Brigade’ shows signs of cracking.

As we’re now all aware, Shermon’s world is crumbling around him.

Claims of being hacked, then having fake profiles made about him, then being hacked, back and forth, whilst having his videos ‘mysteriously’ disappear only moments after having them uploaded, all unable to explain how these screenshots predicted the video he ended up making.

Division amongst his own followers is beginning to rear its ugly head, with many now distancing themselves from him after last night’s leak of his sham ANZAC letter, leaving many followers disgusted by the words he created and scapegoated onto others, seemingly done to drive sales and cause division against those who do not support his cause.

But, in recent times, signs have started to show cracks in his beloved ‘Eureka Brigade’.

‘Eureka Brigade’ is Shermon’s (and 2 other members associated) musical act, where he has sung of songs such as ‘ADL Killing Machine’, ‘Sh*t on a Mosque’ and ‘Border Patrol’, mixed together with clear beaches of copyright from top 40 songs, but with their own dash of out-of-tune Australian Hiphop-esque vocals, squawking about irrelevant, xenophobic garbage.

Alex John Wentworth is one of the 3 members including Shermon who make up the trio. He is also ‘Clockwork’ from ‘Clockwork and Shermonator‘ Alex is a staunch anti-Islamic and anti-immigration ‘patriot’.

As the best friend of Shermon for many years, he plays a alexwparticular role in the page of ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’, but we received screenshots last night from an anonymous source of Alex complaining about the way Shermon has been running ‘The GAP’, including calling him an idiot and taking a stab at his intelligence for the absolute disregard of control when Shermon posted up his ANZACS montage, thanking Reclaim Supporters, and including photos of questionable, non-ANZAC related persons including Benito Mussolini, Squizzy Taylor and ‘The Red Baron’.

With dissidents appearing in the higher echelons of ‘The GAP’, followers of his page infighting over his legitimacy, SoldierOn.org.au finding his way of raising money for them through the sales of his stubby holders to be ‘extremely concerning’, one begins to ask – how much longer can Shermon’s fraudulent show go on?



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