Is aware of this?

Shermon, as The GAP, has posted a link on his page for his promotion of self-branded stubby holders. 

We realised this was likely coming to fruition (this or T Shirts) recently when we found he had registered an ABN under his full name in Cooma, NSW, on February 28, 2015.

Shermon is advertising the sale of these along side a message that $5 (50%) of all sales will go to, a website and charity dedicated to philanthropy for wounded soldiers of the ADF. 

Now, this raises 2 questions.

1. If the profit margins are that high that they can give 50% of the proceedings (50% of the total sale price, not just the profits), how much is Shermon set to make off these?

2. Is aware that The GAP is promoting these through his website where he openly denigrates Aboriginal Australians, Muslims, Asylum Seekers and the like, whilst also putting photos of fascists like Mussolini juxtaposed against photos of fallen ANZACs, and has such strong ties with Neo Nazi organisations?

You can let them know by clicking here.


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