Claps for Alex John Wentworth, “We’re against Islamic extremists, not Islam!”

As you’re all probably aware, in recent times Shermon and his pseudonym under The GAP, love to paint the guise they’re not xenophobic or against Islam as a whole, just Shariah law and Islamic extremism (we also are against religious law, and religious extremism of any faith).

Week by week, the truth of their groups views has become more apparent.

This picture highlights one of his closest friends, part of his try-hard group ‘Eureka Brigade’, Mr Alex John Wentworth.

Shermon may try to include Islamic persons in his rally and even mention he has Imams and Muslim people attending, as seen in the bottom right photo, but as you can also see in the top right photo, his closest friends don’t seem to agree with him.

A line they so love to use, “we do not tar all with the same brush” is undoing itself in a very ugly fashion. 

Claps for Alex John Wentworth, you have won this weeks Bigot award.


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